Renewal Input : Health Insurance Policy
Previous Policy No* :
kindly enter the policy number without slash '\'. policy number should be 20 digit.
  • Policy will be available for renewal 30 days before expiry date.
  • In this facility , health policy can be renewed with the existing plan . For change in plan from individual health to family medicare or vice versa, please visit the nearest office.
  • Family Medicare policy has now below enhanced limits of cover and additional features:

  •     - Medical second opinion for qualified medical conditions from world leading medical centres
       - No more Caps on major illnesses/ surgeries , full sum insured is available.
       - Enhanced limits for Claims in respect of Hernia and Hysterectomy: 15% and 25% of sum insured respectively subject to a maximum of Rs 100000.
         In view of the above, the premium too stands revised.
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